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27 December 2020

Happy 29th Birthday Chloe. It was actually 2010 – so 10 years ago – when I discovered you in Camp Rock and fell in love with you and your work. Tho this website just turns one next year I must admit, supporting such an unproblematic person like you for 10 years was so enjoyable and amazing. Can’t thank you enough for making my life brighter with your smile, laughter and

26 December 2020
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Merry Christmas to all followers and visitors of Chloe Bridges Daily. Tho today is boxing day I felt like sharing a little Christmas wish for all of you. I hope you had an amazing, cozy and lovely Christmas despite all these pandamic things. Chloe celebrated this Christmas with her mom, grandma and her soon-to-be husband Adam. Lovely to see our favorite Latina save and sound.     Gallery Links 📷 Other &

11 November 2020

During these Covid-19 days it’s rough to update a fansite. I do admit, I am happy Chloe and Adam stay safe in their California home and hope they continue to do so. In July a new movie with Chloe, called Browse, was released. You can watch the trailer below and find the poster and some screen captures in the gallery.         Gallery Links 📷 Movie Productions – Browse – Posters 📷 Movie

8 October 2020

There are currently hardly any news to share, but I still work on the website almost daily. Currently I’m adding various photos of Chloe from the past years to the gallery, to fulfill your daily dose of our beautiful actress. New/Old candids and appearances from 2018 and 2017 were added.                

27 September 2020
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Actress Chloe Bridges joins Kurt and Scotty to talk about robot wolves used to scare wild boars, Dr. Marijuana Pepsi, a shoplifter who was caught due to his distinct graphic tee, a man who blew up part of his house while chasing a fly, Calgary’s Vaseline alley and a women’s message in a bottle that traveled from US to Spain!

13 August 2020

Back in February, we had the chance to join actress Chloe Bridges at the Crate and Barrel private registry shopping hours in Beverly Hills, where she and engaged guests enjoyed a morning of entertainment, pampering, and of course registering! While a lot has changed since that fun-filled morning, one thing that certainly hasn’t is the thrill of wedding planning, and especially building a registry!     As couples adapt to a new normal, Crate and

31 May 2020

Chloe and Adam are big fans of the Los Angeles Clippers. The past years both have attended various games of their favorite team at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.                     Gallery Links 📷 Candids – 2018 – December 26 | Seen at the Los Angeles Clippers vs. the Sacramento Kings at Staples Center in Los Angeles, California 📷 Candids – 2018 – December 29 | Seen at the Los

25 May 2020

“Oh ya know just kicking it with the plants on my balcony because these are my friends now” Chloe wrote on Instagram, sharing 2 new shots from the Matt Winkelmeyer photoshoot in 2019.     Also I hope you like this new quarantine selfie of Chloe and Adam.     Gallery Links 📷 Photoshoots – 2019 – Matt Winkelmeyer | December 2019 📷 Other & Miscellaneous – Personal Pictures – Personal Pictures & Social Media (2020)

19 May 2020

Insert some hat throwing here. Chloe has graduated from Columbia University 🎉 Tho, as she wrote on Instagram, she still has four classes to attend this summer she has managed to graduate university from home – as many students this year. I wish every student all around the world all the best for their future. You’re awesome!     Chloe got so pumped to have finished university that she forgot she’s celebrating

17 May 2020

During these tough times it’s important to stay safe. Every now and then Chloe shares some beautiful shots of herself and Adam on social media to keep us updated. They seem to still enjoy themselves and not let this situation get too much to them.     I’m also happy to share some more miscellaneous photos of Chloe from the past years.     Gallery Links 📷 Other & Miscellaneous – Personal Pictures – Personal